High Temperature Firesleeve End Seal Dip and Paste
Liquid End Seal Dip and Paste is
available in Oxide-Red and Black
FlameShield™ End Seal Dip and Paste
FlameShield™ End Seal Dip and Paste is a special formulation of high temperature silicone rubber used to seal the exposed ends of firesleeve.  Sealing the end of the firesleeve prevents it from absorbing or wicking liquids such as fuel, oil and water, and also prevents dust and dirt from entering the finished hose or cable assembly.

Both products are available in a number of container sizes, and are also available in either oxide-red to match the orange/oxide-red firesleeve, as well as in black to match black colored firesleeve.

For the liquid end seal dip, a 4oz container is available to accommodate dipping of sleeve up to 2" ID, and a 16oz container will accommodate up to 3" ID sleeve.  Other larger sizes of 1 gallon and 5 gallons are available.

The paste is produced in 3oz squeeze tube and 10.3oz cartridge sizes.

Both products are non-hazardous.  Liquid End Seal Dip may be thinned with xylene (product is considered hazardous and flammable when thinned until cured).

Liquid End Seal Dip is especially suited to installations where time is available to dip the firesleeve before assembly and allowing 6 to 12 hours for full cure.  For applications requiring quicker return to service, the paste product offers a fast cure with a paste that will remain in-place during handling and installation.
Firesleeve with Liquid End Dip Sealant
Upper sleeve has Liquid End Seal Dip
applied and shows the sealing
protection on the cut end and
inside of the firesleeve