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Shipping Costs - We are aware the system estimates high - Please read. . . . . .

We are using simple Buy Now buttons from PayPal on this website: and we do not have an easy way of  calculating live shipping costs.  So the costs are estimated slightly high, and we refund the difference once we know the actual cost.

Unless otherwise specified your order will normally be shipped by UPS Ground or USPS, which ever is cheapest.  All web-site orders have an estimated  trans-continental flat shipping rate added (lower 48 states), which covers most cases of UPS or USPS ground shipping.   We are aware that our shipping estimates are higher than expected:  we will refund to your paypal account or credit card any over-charge above the actual shipping & handling charges within 2 business days of your order shipping.

If we are shipping to anywhere other than the Continental US or other than by UPS Ground (please contact us to advise if you have a preferred carrier other than UPS), then we will send you an electronic invoice for any additional shipping charges.  Your additional charges must be paid before product is shipped (over charges will be refunded within 5 business days).

Problems Using This Web-Site??

Are you having problems ordering from this site?  If so then please contact us and we will process your order manually at the prices shown.  If you do not automatically have a PayPal Shopping Cart page displayed when you click on a shopping cart item, it may be due to security / firewall settings on your computer or network.

Secure On-Line Ordering and Payment: Use a Major Credit Card or PayPal Account

We use PayPal to process on-line orders as it offers banking-level security and we never see your financial details.

     You will notice the "https" on the PayPal shopping cart page                              As well, the "locked" symbol appears on the address line
     address line, which indicates that you are on a secure web-page.                    along with the entire address bar turning a green color.

Shipping on Your Carrier's Account (Such as UPS, FedEx, etc.)

If you wish to ship on your carrier's account, this can be accomplished in two ways:

         1)  Complete your on-line order; you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal within a few minutes.  Send
               us an e-mail (our address is at the top banner on every page) or use the "Contact Us" form, including the
               details of your order "Receipt ID" or "Transaction ID" from the PayPal confirmation email, along with your shipping
               carrier preference (such as UPS, FedEx, etc.) and your shipping account number.  We will use your carrier
               and account to ship your order.  We will then refund all of the shipping charges billed by our on-line ordering
               module (usually same day but never more than 5 business days after your order has shipped).

Or:   2)  Send us the details of what you wish to order in an e-mail or by using the "Contact Us" form, indicating
               your quantity and part numbers, shipping instructions, and contact information.  We will send you an
               electronic invoice for the products without any shipping charges.  You can pay that invoice with any major
               credit card the same way as ordering through this web-site and at the same discounted price.

Special Instructions

Please use the same procedure as above, either through method "1" if you are ordering on-line, or through method "2" if ordering via e-mail, to send us any special instructions such as drop/blind ship details, order hold-off until specified date, special product packaging details such as "include end wrap tape in box of 1/2" sleeve" etc.; we will confirm that we have received those instructions before shipping.  For any blind drop-ship requirements, please e-mail us your packing slip as a PDF file or MS Word document. We will never back-solicit your customer and any enquiry from them (if they contact us from the return address on the shipping label) will be referred back to you.

On-line orders for full box quantity are normally processed and shipped same day if received by 3pm Eastern Time.  Cut length items typically take 2 or 3 days to ship, and fabricated items typically take 3 to 5 business days to finish depending on volume of orders in-process.
Discount Pricing shown on this site is for
On-Line & E-invoice orders only.